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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Krisaliz Kindergarten?

Please visit the page “About Us” !

2. About our name and logo …

“Krisaliz” … is a Bahasa Malaysia version of Chrysalis. Literally, it is the cocoon stage when the caterpillar turns into butterfly.

The name Krisaliz signifies the stage of the child when he/she is nurtured to develop into an all-rounded and confident individual with good character and a love for learning, ready for the next stage of his/her life!

3. What is Krisaliz Kindergarten’s curriculum?

Please visit the page “Program & Facilities

4. Are Krisaliz Kindergarten’s teachers and child minders qualified?

Please visit the page “Program & Facilities – Qualified Educators

5. What is the teacher to student ratio? What is the class size?

We have a maximum Teacher : Student Ratio of 1 : 12.
We have a maximum Class Size of 22 students.

6. About our School Fees …

Our school fees are updated periodically.

We do not wish to publish our School Fees online – we strongly feel that parents should visit Krisaliz Kindergarten and experience the kindergarten environment first hand. Bring along your child / children! Discuss with the teachers!

And of course, a copy of the School Fees and a Krisaliz Kindergarten brochure will be given to you.

7. Can students enrol at any time during the School Academic Year?

Students can enrol at anytime of the year, but is subject to availability and principal’s approval.

8. What about the security of the students?

Security is a major concern today. Several high-profile cases have been reported in the local media. Student security and well-being is always a top priority.

Our security measures include:
• The kindergarten premises are always locked.
• All students will only be allowed to leave with their approved parents/guardians.
• All parents / visitors must inform the School Management if they wish to enter the kindergarten premises.

9. Do you accept any foreign students?

Yes. However, if there are any Student Visa Requirements, the parent / guardian of the said child has to apply for the Student Visa on their own.

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