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A Little About Us

Krisaliz Kindergarten follows a simple philosophy : Happy Kids = Bright Kids.

Established since 1988, Krisaliz Kindergarten is a licensed kindergarten under the Malaysian Ministry of Education and is the first kindergarten in Malaysia to use the Accelerated Learning method in their teaching syllabus – this learning method has been incorporated into many fortune 500 companies’ human resource training. Currently, Krisaliz Kindergarten adopts a combination teaching technique comprising Accelerated Learning, Thematic Learning and Montessori.

The Krisaliz Kindergarten team is dynamic and highly motivated. Continually researching the latest and effective teaching method and adapting them into the syllabus to enrich all areas of the learning experience, the focus is to build an all-rounder child, with a special emphasis on character building and gross motor skills rather than full-on academics only.

Krisaliz Kindergarten premise is clean with a sophisticated minimalist interior : spacious classrooms; a conducive outdoor play area.

And happy and bright kids!

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